Discussion A, Teacher-Bryan E. Hall, April 2011

Book – Day, Shaules, Yamanaka (2009) Impact Issues 1 (with  self study CD)



Expectations: be prepared – do your homework – bring everything you need – be on time –show respect for your classmates and teacher – get the most out of the lesson – complete all class activities to the best of your ability – be attentive – ask/answer questions – volunteer information – actively engage in pair and groups activities – make a real effort to speak English.


Every lesson – brink textbook, a notebook to take notes and to make comments to yourself for learning, pens/pencil and of course, a great attitude!


Course Goals and Tools

Evaluation:  Class participation 60%, Homework 20%, Quizzes 20%

Attendance is expected. Your course grade will be lowered each time you miss class without a valid reason. Students who miss more than four classes may not be able to receive credit for the course. If you are sick or have a problem, please email me before class. We are all adults and there are times when it is difficult to come to school. Let us know what going on with you.

We will try to cover one unit per class meeting. Please prepare by reading aloud and reviewing the CD.

*a great study guide from Tony Silva, is at the following internet address: