Author: Richard R. Day, Joseph Shaules and Junko Yamanaka
Series: 3 Levels
Level: Beginner
Language: American English


Impact Issues 1 helps beginner students develop conversation and discussion skills. Each of the 20 units features exciting and timely topics and contains activities to help students express their opinions and make short presentations.
Key Features


Impact Issues 1 (links to the Tony Silva Guide)

Just click on the unit title to see the Study Guide for that unit. Print or copy/paste the information, put it in your notebook, and use it to prepare for class. If you have any problems accessing these files, please let me know: Bryan E. Hall's email.

1 The Guy with Green Hair

2 The Shoplifter

3 I’m Not Addicted

4 Beauty Contest

5 Who Pays?

6 Saying “I Love You”

7 Family Values

8 Cyberlove

9 A Letter from Grandma

10 Fan Worship

11 Pet Peeve

12 Close Your Eyes and See

13 Will Children Save the Earth?

14 Get a Job?

15 To Tell or Not to Tell

16 The Dream

17 To Have or Have Not

18 Are Humans Smart?

19 Cloning Cyndi

20 Why Learn English?

These topics are not included in the current edition of the textbook, but can be discussed if the class finds them interesting:

A - Right to Die

B - Organ Donation

C - Taking Care of Mother

D - Peer Pressure