by Bryan E. Hall
(the source of Truth does not change it)

There are only a few things that are absolutely true about the universe, maybe even just ONE, from which other truths are assimilated.  The first is, all things are a result of and the cause of other things. The law of Cause and Effect, thusly, is not to be confused with the highly politicized, "Karmic Retribution" which suggests bad things result in bad consequences.  This is wishful thinking by those who don't break the RULES, and by the wealthy and powerful who depend on social order by any means, even though they regularly benefit from damage to others. This presupposes many things, that there are clearly definable GOOD things and BAD and what is bad for one person is also bad for others.  Clearly, some things are terrible for others while quite beneficial for others.  And something maybe good today and bad tomorrow.  Clearly, if I find something beautiful and valuable which gives me pleasure today, yet my attention to it causes me a fatal result, the goodness becomes badness.  Cause and Effect are physical and spiritual but not moral, as morality is a popularity issue.  


The only other thing applicable possibly only to living things, or sentient beings, is the rule of love.  That possibly without explanation or evidence in the physical realm, we should love despite other's hate, possibly breaking the downward trend of cause and effect triggered by disastrous behaviors.  This may very well be the only thing that defeats the natural laws.  It may in fact, be the thing which essentially separates us from other living things,  that because of our unique desire and ability to create and destroy, we must LOVE, in order to go against our nature, or else we will cease to exist, or become separate from our connection with the universe.  This is the essence of all attempts to CIVILIZE, or else we would find it appropriate to walk naked,  kill, rape and pillage, and pee on each other, without regard to the benefit to others and the universe.


ALL things then, are essentially good, but the incentive to prevent others from hurting us, in our rightful belief they will, possibly encourages us irretrievably, to become that which we fear and hate, despite our wishes to the contrary.


Don't wait to be loved before you love, or you may create that hollowness of loneliness you run from in your most painful dreams.

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